GDMBR2 – Days 11&12

I’m combining because yesterday was a layover day and not much excitement in Silverthorne… Well, that’s not totally true.

Pirate Greg showed up in camp just as we arrived back just as wet came back from our Uber ride to the Rec Center for our indulgent shower and hot tub. Our plan was to ride the trail up to Keystone, have lunch, rude back to Silverthorne to check out the outlet stores and home to camp.

The adventure came when Jim has a puncture that wouldn’t seal, just as a rain cloud was moving in. He had to walk his bike a half mile to a store with a porch where we put a tube in. We never made it to Keystone nor Silverthorne. Instead, we went to Frisco to get a new tire for Jim. You need to be flexible.

On that note, the group dynamics have evolved and improved. Yoy know you are getting along when you can poke fun at each other’s foibles without getting under their skin. We are having a lot of fun around the campfire.

Today was a short bit very rewarding ride. We started just this side of Frisco and ride a bike path all the way up to Breckinridge.

My bike in Howler Monkey disguise.


The view from Frisco.

Clowning in Breckenridge.

From Breckenridge we climb up and over Boreas Pass. Boreas Pass is an old railroad grade, which to the tails to trails aficionados, means the grade is never over 4%. Very manageable.

A water tank from the railroad days.


The view back to Breckenridge.

Another view from the climb.

The top of the pass is 11,482 feet, the highest point on our ride. It is also a cruising point for the Continental Divide.

We’re above the tree line.

Our camp for the night is about three miles over the top and down the backside.

Camp view… nice!

Tommorow, we drop down into Hartsel, our shortest and easiest day. Maybe internet access.


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