Chilly morning, my bike computer said 32. I guess at over 10,000 feet in late August you have to expect a little nip in the air. Rumor has it there was snow on Maonarch Pass.

Today, we had a bumpy descent down a back road to reconnect with the Boreas Pass Road. We dropped into Como, whose claim to fame was an authentic railroad roundhouse, which unfortunately burned down… The town’s most prominent resident, and by that I mean the only visible living person, told us we missed the Railroad Days celebratiom last Saturday and that Como was a hopping place.

The route empties into South Park, which is not a city but a terminology for a wide open valley.

The ride today was mostly downhill (only 700 feet of climbing). Our destination was Hartsel Ranch, an oasis on the North Platte River. We get warm showers, the use of the kitchen and dining areas.

The lodge, comfort among dead critters.


One more day, and the longest, into Salida tomorrow. The weather looks favorable once again, warm and sunny with a chance of afternoon showers. Hopefully our luck will continue and we’ll get in ahead of the rain.


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