Here we go!

Everything I’m taking on the bike packed, everything else in Jim’s SUV. Last thing to do, move my motorcycle to the storage parking area to await my return. Ugh, dead battery. Cripes. I pushed it to the parking area, locked it up, covered it up and admonished it that I’d deal with it when I got back. I hoped the rest of the day would go better…

First out of camp was Steve, a complete rookie and the only one with no GPS. Do you see where this is going? I was second to last ahead of Sid who will ride sweep. I caught up to everyone along the path in town and soon Jim and I were out front, presumably, by the time we but the road out of town. The first section is paved but rural. It is Sunday and there were lots of roadies out.

Steamboat mail box. I can identify.


Wonderful rolling hills and scenery.

The easy stuff ended when we turned onto gravel and the climbing began. Today we’ll go from about 6500 feet to 9000 feet over 42 miles. I’m not going to lie, it was hard. Climbs in the 7% range and roads muddied by passing showers. Jim and I stopped for lunch under a tree to avoid a soaking. We talked to a rider going northbound and be said he had not seen another rider pass him. Oh, oh Steve.

We split some dark clouds as thunder cracked behind us. One more big climb and into camp. We were the first in. Since we had dinner duties, we started filtering water and setting up a rain tarp.

I had dragged our last beer from last night up the mountain so we toasted our success. The next rider was Steve with Marie close behind. He had gotten off track before he left the city limits of Steamboat. He decided it might be best to ride with someone with a GPS. It was an hour and fifteen minutes after we arrived. The last of the riders didn’t arrive for another two hours, looking a little ragged.

I think that’s our road…

Jim still looking fresh.

The rains held off and we had the campground to ourselves until Allen, an experienced GDMBR rider, rolled in. He’s riding the route for at least the third time.

Food is so tasty when you’re beat. Rotini pasta with tomato sauce, sauteed zucchini and onion. It was devoured.

We’ll sleep well. We’ll need to, tomorrow’s ride looks just as tough…


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