Today’s agenda is pretty light, get acquainted, take a short shakedown ride and a team meeting to go over the groundrules. Jim, Marie and I rode our bikes into town on a nice bike path along the Yampa River into town. There are a network of mountain bike trails on the south side of the city called Emerald Hills. We picked our way along the green (beginner) and blue (intermediate) trails, climbing up above the horse stables. I could definitely feel the thin air. But, the bike felt fine, with a little brake adjustment. It was Saturday so there was a small but nice farmer’s market going on. We sampled the peaches (they were huge, some grapefruit size) and Marie bought a bag for the group. We enjoyed a nice patio lunch across from the river and a tubing rental business. I suggested we put our bikes on the tubes and float back to camp. No takers. Marie and I did a little shopping at the BAP store (parent company of Big Agnes, Honey Stinger and Helinox) while Jim took his bike into Orange Peel, the local bike shop for a brake adjustment. He wisely opted to not let me touch his bike. Our first group dinner with grilled chicken and rice preceded the orientation and map meeting. There are eight total heading out, including our leader Sid. Jim, Marie and I were the only ones signed up until about a month ago. Late entries include Steve from Chicago, a couple, Angie and Paul, from Huntsville, Alabama and Josh from New York. The bikepacking experience varied from zero to one trip. This should be interesting. The last super and map meeting . Tommorow, we get up, pack up and hit the trail. I hope I get a good night’s sleep as the advice from our map meeting was that it would be a tough day. Sunset at the KOA.


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