Hello Milky way! What a wonderful starry night. This was the first night I didn’t put in earplugs, the sound of the river was so soothing. But, morning comes early when you go to bed at 9 and have to pee by 5.

Today’s ride starts with a grunt up and over Ute Pass. It is steep but only 4 miles long to the top. About halfway up is s huge mining operation for molybdenum. It is a visual scar. The ore is processed and pumped through large pipes down the mountain.

The tailing wall for the mining operation.

The view from above the mining.

At the top n the view of the Gore (?) Range was pretty sweet.

The downside was a paved 30+mph screamer. That left only about 14 slightly uphill miles into Silverthorne. The bad news, another busy highway, the good news, a bike path started about 7 miles out of town.

Silverthorne is a ski/ tourist town that we’ll explore more tomorrow on our layover day. We had to climb up to the top of the Dillon Reservoir and on to our campsite just as a nasty storm cell moved in. Fortunately, we were once again ahead of the clouds and got camp set up before the heavy rain and wind came. Sid, a bit further back, had 40 mph wind and hail coming across the exposed reservoir.

Jim add I caught a ride with a local friends of his to buy our dinner groceries. We were inside the store when the rains came. We made a chicken Alfredo pasta dish with salad and cheesecake as a belated birthday test for Steve who turned 37 yesterday.

Josh mused it, he got lost, stopped in Silverthorne to shop at the Perl Izumi outlet and didn’t arrive in camp after 7:30 and after Sid went out to find him and lead him in. (we arrived around 1:00….). Cold dinner for him.

As noted, tommorow is a rest day. Our Pirate friend, and new Colorado resident, Greg, is planning to come over from Grand Junction to visit. Also on the agenda is laundry and a shower. Dirty stinking bikers…


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