Big day today, heading southwest into Colorado and my destination for this part of the journey, Steamboat Springs. But, each journey starts with a small step.

I was glad to get on the road from the roach hotel. I should have asked a few questions last night when the attendant said the motel had a lot of road construction workers staying there…..

Not too far down the road the chip sealing and gravel began. That turned into a full -on grind up and re-pave operation. It seems Nebraska has no shortage of infrastructure dollars as they were grinding up and laying down new asphalt on a perfectly good road.

May the Schwartz be with you. Look at the left lane – perfectly smooth

My first stop was the previous days’ destination, Scottsbluff. Scottsbluff was not only a key stop on the Oregon/ California/ Mormon Trails, but also has a geologic formation (as the name would imply), an 800 foot bluff overlooking the river. Fort Laramie was built there to provide protection for the emigrants. It is a National Monument so I had to stop and flash my Senior Card.

I watched a swell movie in the Visitor Center, walked an Oregon trail hike, rode to the top and took a couple more short hikes to check out the view.

Conestoga in front of the bluff.

The signs on the trail admonished you to stay on the trail because of rattlesnakes… that is a four foot wide path.


After the stretch and education, it was time to get moving. The Garmin routed me into Wyoming for a stretch which meant no credit card usage as I didn’t list Wyoming one of the states I was traveling to/through. Not going into fraud-alert hell again. Right at the state line, and 20 yards from the road was a Minuteman silo, I kid you not.

This pic is for the ZZ Top fans…

Finally, into Colorado and the front range mountains, yay!

It was a beautiful ride up and over the range and down into Steamboat. This is why I rode the motorcycle across South Dakota and Nebraska.

However, it was a long day and I was glad to get to the KOA and find our trip leader, Sid, sitting at the bus stop, heading into town for supplies. He directed me to our site and I set up in my home for the next three days.

Tommorow, I’m planing to do a motorcycle ride into Rocky Mountain National Park and check out the Peak to Peak Highway, rated as one of the top rides in Colorado. It should be epic.


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