Adventure Reboot

My family has long since learned that living with my randomness requires flexibility…

That lead-in is a hint that the Going to the Sun ride had a hiccup. Jim didn’t get into Whitefish until after 10:00pm and I had failed to follow or original strategy which was for me to get to the park early to get a first come first served camp site. With my late arrival, there was no availability at any of the sites so we ended up coming back to the Retreat. My bad.

The good news, the Retreat owner, Cricket, who is sort of a legend as a Tour Divide racer let us stay in her house. I guess we are non-threatening and likeable. That left us with options to ride some of the 35 miles of single-track adjoining the Retreat. We ride in a light mist down to Whitefish, had lunch and some tweaking to Jim’s brakes at Glacier Cyclery, a really great shop.
This was a gated entrance the middle of nowhere. Somebody has a nice retreat.


We made our way back to camp in time for beer at the Retreat office. Several of the riders are staying to show up at camp including our leader, Nikkel. The bad news, we heard that my frequent correspondent, Chris, had a spill and broke his wrist and is out. Bad luck.

On the positive side, Jim and I are looking for a reboot on Going to the Sun Road after we finish this ride. Stay tuned.
The trail marker for the Retreat


Tomorrow is a test day with more riding around the Retreat, unless the rain is too stiff. All is good.


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