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Viking River Cruise – Day 2 and 3

Today is a day of exploration in Prague. We have a full breakfast at the Hilton in the morning followed by a city tour by bus and foot. The estimate was 3 miles of walking. We saw the Jewish Quarter, the Christian Quarter the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and several other sites. Upon return, we set out to explore in more detail. Armed with a sketchy map, we started out. Luckily, we stopped for lunch as a thunderstorm came through. Boars neck for me, and, of course pilsner beer. Prague is an amazing and very walkable. We walked somewhere around 12 miles, checking out the non-event Astronomical Clock and the Metronome.  At the clock, every hour the twelve Apostles circle through windows culminated with a rooster crowing. It takes two minutes and draws hundreds of tourists.


We also caught the Lennon wall, not Lenin, Lennon,  as in John.


Day 3

Another day of exploration of Prague

We headed out on foot across town, got lost more than once, made our way to the finicular that climbed up to their “Eifel Tower”. We saw gardens, an observatory and the tower. From there, we wandered to a Monestary and back to the palace/Cathedral.

The view of the castle.


Lunch at a cafe along the river overlooking Charles Bridge. I had boar’s neck. More hiking, another pass through the town square, the clock, more getting lost, and a local specialty called Trdlo, a vanilla/cinnamon/cone-shaped bread filled with soft serve ice cream, before returning home.


14 miles of walking! Epic day.

Tomorrow, bus ride to Budapest and boarding our ship.



Viking River Cruise-Day 1

Now that I have free WiFi, I’m going to use my blog to update our fun in Europe and the Viking Grand European River Cruise.

The general plan was to fly into Prague via Amsterdam, spend the days getting acclimated and exploring our first European capital.

The first trip challenge was using Uber for the first time to get to the airport. I’m trying to shed my old fogey image. It went great. Second challenge was the flight(s). We only had an hour and fifteen minutes for a layover, tight for an international connection. The scramble through passport control turned out to be unnecessary as Schipol was doing repairs and only had one runway open… every single flight was delayed. Ours was two hours late. Zzzzz.  Landed in Prague, our Viking host was waiting, yay. Unfortunately, it was after 5:00 pm, several hours late. Still, time to check in to the Hilton and go for a walk around town and get dinner. We checked out Charles Bridge, had a nice local cuisine dinner in the basement level of a building from the 12th century called Casserole. I had pork knee, really. After dinner, we walked back to Charles Bridge to check out the sunset over the castle. It was spectacular.


That was pretty much it for Day 1. Time to get some rest, Day 2 has a tour and more walking.