Viking River Cruise – Day 10

The river levels are having an affect. Because we are behind schedule, in order to make it to Passau in time for the organ concert and our walking tour, we stopped a few km’s short and were loaded onto buses to scoot us into town. We were told two ships had hit the bridges while trying to pass under. It crew has lowered the umbrellas, folded the chairs and dropped the railings on our sun deck. no sunbathing for us.

There were three or four other Viking ships at the docks and the town was crawling with groups of senior citizens following tour guides holding Viking lollipop signs with our ship/group numbers. After an abbreviated city tour, we were ushered into the cathedral for the organ concert. Passau has the second largest pipe organ in the world with 17,000 pipes! The whole cathedral was filled with Viking tour groups. The concert lasted about one half hour with no music recognizable by me. It was interesting, but I’ll admit to nodding off…


We hooked up with a different tour guide after the concert who took us through some narrow back alleys to the other side of town (about four blocks). Passau is built at the junction of three rivers, the Danube, the Ilz and the Inn. The Inn comes down from the higher elevations and has a distinctive lighter color than the brown of the Danube. It is also flowing high and up over the sidewalk.


After the tour and lunch, we decided to catch the glockenspiel at the town hall (rathaus). not even as impressive as New Ulm.  The interesting sight was the high water history on the wall, about ten feet up in 2013, the biggest since 1850-something. You might be able to see it on the lower right.


The other attraction in town is the fortress overlooking town, Veste Oberhaus. There is a bus, but why? We climbed up. I counted the steps, 240, but there was a long pathway that must have added the equivalent of another 100 steps. From the fortress, there was a great view of the city and you could see the different colored water at the confluence of the Inn and Danube rivers. Unfortunately, those pictures are on my camera, not my phone…
The view from the bottom, the overlook in the top left.


The rest of the afternoon was spent having a German beer on a terrace, reading and relaxing (we’re now in Germany)

Tomorrow, on to Regensburg, presuming we can get under the bridges.


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