Viking River Cruise – Day 6

Today was our “Day at Sea”, moving from Budapest to Vienna. When we had arrived in Prague I received an email that the ship had an issue and we would have to take a bus to Vienna. I’m sure glad we didn’t have to get on another bus.

We left Budapest around 6:00pm Saturday and didn’t arrive in Vienna until almost 7:00pm Sunday. To entertain us, we had two lectures, strudel and coffee. I skipped them. Instead, I walked the short path up top for exercise, read and relaxed in the sun. We went through two locks, one at night and one shortly after passing Bratislava. I think the novelty will wear off soon enough as we have about 65 more to go…


As required by maritime law, we also had our muster drill, putting on our Mae West life jackets and going to the top deck.

Stylish, Carol!


After docking, we took a short walk over the river for exercise and to get a feel for the lay of the land.

The view across the Danube from our ship ifs very nice. The tall building is the DC Building. It has a unique architectural shape meant to mimic the Danube River waves and current.


Tomorrow, a walking tour and free time.



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