Hoogs Ride – Day 7

And then there were four…

We suited up and rode with Art back to the rental office. It was probably 5 miles but still took us an hour as we stopped at the Pantheon to drop his bags at his hotel fire the night.  Art’s wife flew in this morning, violating the Hoogs no spouses allowed cardinal rule.

We lingered around the Pantheon, pretending not to understand Italian when the Polizia rousted us. Only commercial vehicles and horse carriages can drive right up to the plaza… and Hoogs.

Check in, lunch, watch the shop next door detail cars for an hour and sitting around 1:00. Zzz zzz.

A solid half hour to get out of Rome.  Thank goodness.  Once you get to the countryside it gets interesting and starts going up in elevation.  Entertaining for us was that the Italian prostitutes sit or stand at isolated portions of the roads on the outskirts of town.  Not sure where the acts are performed.

Our leaders took us up the side of the mountains to 1700 meters.  At that elevation the leaves were changing and the views were spectacular.  A wonderful transition from the congestion of Rome.


The roads were marginally maintained, the only thing up there was a ski ghost town, hunters and free range cattle, adding cowpies to the objects to avoid.


The temperature dropped to 9.5 degrees compared to about 22 in Rome. It was a fun, twisting ride down the other side. Then a not so fun cruise down to Cassino for the night.

Tomorrow,  Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast, depending upon the traffic, weather and our start time.


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