Hoogs Ride – Day 5

Ugh! We woke up to a steady drizzle and strong breeze.  We shared our disdain for the weather with a table of bicyclists on a guide-led tour of the region.  At least they had the option to not ride and take the support van to the next hotel.  Though, I’m sure I’d be one of the ones suiting up.


We made an altered plan to ride a shorter route, get to the hotel and dry out.  Sounded good. I’m not crazy about riding in the rain, not because of the wet but because of the compromised traction.

Things were going okay until I entered a slow turn in a town and my front wheel instantly went out, leaving me on my side, sliding with my foot pinned under the bike. It was a short, scary slide.  When I came to a stop, a passerby came quickly to help lift the bike off my ankle. 

I assessed things from  head to toe.  Miraculously,  there didn’t seem to be anything broken, but I could tell my ankle was going to be sore.  Thank goodness I had inserted my hip pads, wear good quality protective gear and brought my new riding boots which have sold ankle protection.  Otherwise,  I’d be writing this from a hospital.

We tried to reconstruct what happened because the lean angle and speed should not have caused the slide.  The only thing we could see was a small pothole/patch that must have upset the front wheel causing the loss of traction.

Anyway,  me and the bike are fine. I have a little swelling and purple coloring but no pain or range of motion issues. I’ll be extra cautious in the rain

The day wasn’t done and we had more riding into Moltepolciano (I’m pretty sure I butchered that spelling), an picturesque village that included riding up and down steep, wet, narrow, cobblestone, pedestrian streets. I was a little shaky. The view from our lunch spot was nice, it was a small hotel/restaurant Hans had visited before


We made it to our hotel and had a nice dinner. Top choices include spiced lard or mulllet roe.


It looks like the weather will moderate tomorrow as we head to Assisi and then to Rome where we’ll bid farewell to Hans and Art.


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