HOOGS Ride – Day 3

Thursday, the riding begins.

Breakfast at 8:00, taxi to the motorcycle rental office, forms to sign, gear to transfer clothes to don… departure at 12:30. I hope this isn’t a trend.
The Hoogs component is six this trip, Art, Josef, Robert, Josh, Hans and me.  Everyone but me city the gray motorcycle jacket memo.  Three have the exact same BMW jacket. I’m happy with my blue Aerostich suit.

Our destination today was the Mediterranean coast.  Due to our late start,  our first 80 Km was on the Autostrada, the Italian equivalent to the Autobahn. 80 to 90 mph, not my idea of touring but we had to make time. 

A short stop for mid – afternoon lunch and onto smaller roads for the ride into Portifino, a very small, quaint village on the sea. We liked the feel so much we stayed to have a snack at a cafe on the waterfront.  I left my phone at my bike, so no pictures, though I have several on my real camera. We back – tracked to a Best Western on the bay for the night. I know, Best Western.  But,  It is actually pretty nice and relatively cheap compared to Portifino.

A nice dinner in town with local wine and dishes to round out the first day of riding.

Tomorrow, we head inland and will enter into the Tuscany wine making region. Maybe some wine tasting in our future, stay tuned.


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