West Coast Ride Statistics

I’ve downloaded the trips/routes from my Garmin Edge Touring Plus GPS bike computer. Here are the pertinent details:

Total mileage: 2,174.34 miles

Longest Day: 78.95 miles

Total Elevation Gain: 114,060 (may have included the bus ride up to Hearst Castle)

Maximum Elevation Day: 4,880 feet, in Oregon around Pacific City

Maximum Temperature: 96.8 degrees – Leggett – also the biggest temperature swing from 68 to 96.8 degrees.

Longest Day: 6:10:17 hours. Hermosa Beach to Ventura.

Total Calories (according to the Garmin): 104,043

Total bike and rider weight (as measured getting off the train with most of the food eaten): 227.5 pounds. Not to give away any secrets but that is about 60 pounds for the bike and gear.

Weight Loss: 8 pounds (est.)

That’s about all I can calculate. Thanks for reading.

Final photo. Home Sweet Home.


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