West Coast Ride – Day 38

Best hosts ever… We talked until after 10:30 with Molly, Jen was at a concert. They have a small house on the north side of Bellingham. We had the choice of setting up tents in the back yard or a combination of one bed, one couch and a spot on the living room floor. We took what’s behind curtain B. Jen came home around 11:00, introduced herself to the living room campers and said goodnight.

The front yard of our hosts


In the morning, I went for a walk around town before everyone was up. The view from the north side


By the time I returned, everyone was up and our hosts were making a hearty breakfast. We sat around and shared stories, exchanged information and finally got going about 10:00. We could have stayed all day but we had over 70 miles to ride. They shared a couple of route suggestions and we were on our way. Molly left-center, Jen right-center.


The riding was warm, the Chuckanut road was like riding the coast, the Centennial Trail was the nicest rails to trails pathway yet.

View of a swimming hole under a bridge on the Centennial Trail.


We are staying with an Adventure Cycling ride caterer who is cooking us a pulled pork dinner. Great way to end a day.

Tomorrow, a 40 mile ride to Seattle and the end of the adventure.


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