West Coast Ride – Day 32

Woke up to the smell of crabs.sitting. the dude was out and the beach below us extended another hundred yards. There were crab carcasses everywhere and a lone guy fishing.


We’re circling the Olympic Peninsula and heading east today. What we aren’t doing is taking the off-route 12 or 13 mile Rudd to the Hoh Rainforest, La Push or Neah Bay (the furthest point west in the continental US). We did, however, Gerry drawn into a turnoff for the “Large Cedar”. It turned out to be a large cedar stump.


Apparently, it had fallen some time ago.

The first real town on the route was Frosts. The boys made a sharp turnoff into the Chamber of Commerce parking lot. I thought it was because there was a logging museum there.


Silly me, apparently this is where the Twilight series was based… no team Jacob here.

Lunch, some supplies and back on The road because we are nervous about finding a campsite as we close in on the holiday weekend.

Fortunately, we were able to snag one of the few remaining at Klahowya Campground. We soaked our feet the river, ate orr dogs and called it a day.



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