West Coast Ride – Day 30

Maybe it was Washington, maybe the KOA, but I wasn’t happy sticking my head out the tent door. The tent was wet and there was a light mist in the air. Great.

Fortunately, by the time we got moving, it had turned to only overcast. But, the tents were rolled up wet, adding a couple pounds to the load.

Most of the day was spent circling a slew of sloughs. The good news, fairly level riding. The bad news, sloughs aren’t listed in travel brochures. They are not pretty and the smell matches their looks.


We stopped in South Bend for authentic Mexican food. I had fish tacos with cod. Maybe the best fish tacos ever. The sun had come out, allowing us to dry our tents. The Mexican food not being enough, we rode the four miles to Raymond for DQ.

The road from Raymond to Aberdeen went up and down hillsides covered with forests which were randomly clear-cut, making them look like they were sporting a reverse Mohawk haircut.

The view from up high, with a Weyerhaeuser factory in the distance


We ate at Billy’s, because a random guy on the street said it was the best in town. The USA Women’s soccer team was on the TV screens, bonus. They won, double bonus.

Because we had ridden70 miles and the only campground in the area wanted $20 per tent, we opted for the $64 Travelodge. HBO and real beds. Triple bonus.

Tomorrow, we head towards the Olympic Peninsula. I’m pumped for that.


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