West Coast Ride – Day 28

Cape Lookout led us to the Three Capes Scenic Route. We were advised by south going cyclists (there is an advantage to going the opposite way of the hoardes) that, while the road is closed, it can be navigated by bike. Another slight liberty with the law.


The Threes Capes checked around Tilamook bay, one of the largest estuaries. And into Tillamook. The rodeo was in town but we were focused on food and laundry. That taken care of, all that was left was to stop at the Tillamook Cheese factory. This place was a circus. People lined up for free cheese samples, souvenirs and ice cream. I opted for two of those.


We hit Rockaway Beach just as they were folding up the tents from the weekend Pirate Festival. Dang!

I liked they’re beach view, looked like the Loch Ness monster.

Nehalem Beach State Park was our destination. We stopped for bar food while brain had the soul food special, of fried chicken collard greens and yams. Seemed better than my fish and chips.

Set up at camp, I went on an electric outlet search to recharge my fading devices. I plugged into an outlet at a vacant RV slot and walked to the beach to see the sunset. Just my luck, when I returned there was a vacant VW Vanagon at the slot and my charger/battery were removed. I sat at their picnic table, reading my book until the owners returned. They handed over my adapter and battery, whew. Then I realized I was missing one of my sucks I had taken off at the beach. Crap, it was a long walk to the beach and I had bushwhacked my way back through a campsite with an ornery dog. I went back to look for my sock, as I only have two pair, and was happy to find out close to the crabby dog site. Whew! Back to camp only to realize my adapter was missing. Crap! Oh, well, I’ll deal with that in the morning.


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