West Coast Ride – Day 26

I got up relatively early (compared to the boys), made my oatmeal, hot chocolate, trail mix bar and a peach for breakfast. The winds were pretty calm so I decided to pack up and get on the road. I rolled out at 8:00. The winds start picking up around 10:00. That gave me a couple of hours to ride and explore before the riding got hard. 

Fortunately, the sun was out and the marine layer was offshore, making the vistas great. Still in the dunes area.


I took a break at aptly named Rock Beach.

One of the things that seems surreal to a Midwesterner…

I like the Oregon bike route sign.
Of course, the winds did start to howl, 20+ mph in my face. Hard to hold 11 mph while the southbound riders were seemingly coasting up hills. When I got to Newport, I got off and walked my bike across the long bridge. I was custom I’d get blown into the traffic which was laden with inland people trying to escape the 100+ degree temps.
The bridge of Death

I found the local bike shop and bought two new tires, hoping to end my tire troubles. I also got a cleat screw for my site to replace the one that went missing. That is a good thing to prevent an embarrassing tipover, or worse.

Dinner and 7 more miles to Beverly Beach campground. I was the only one here when I arrived and a huge area. One other hiker besides the boys in the site. nice amenity, electrical outlets in the raccoon lockers.

Beverly Beach.

I’m planning an even earlier start tomorrow, depending on if there is fog or not.

OotD: No empty can of Skoal nor used plastic dental pick/floss has ever made it to a trash can…


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