West Coast Ride – Day 24

The day started out so fine… sunny, tailwind, warm. Then, about 10-12 miles outside of Bandon, Brian popped another spoke. Rear wheel, drive side. He also noticed that his rear track bolt had sheared off. Brian was not about to let me try my tool again so we offloaded his gear to me and Bob and I put a Velcro strap around his rack stay and the frame to hold it in place. We figured we could limp to Bandon where there was a bike shop listed on my map.

Well, about two miles later, another spoke broke (that’s four for those of you counting). It was close to the other broken spoke and on the non-drive side so, despite Brian’s lack of trust in my mechanic skills, I pulled out the spare and made the repair.

The bike shop in Bandon was a Specialized dealer and was well stocked. After a heart-to-heart conversation with the owner/mechanic, Brian opted for a new wheel, New cassette and new chain. We walked a few blocks to downtown for lunch and shopping while the repairs were being made. The owner let us park or bikes on the show floor, probably entertaining for customers.

We found a used book store to browse (but three, get the fourth free). Four books and a trucker cap for Bob.

We had to scoot Gerry dinner in Charleston (crappy convenience store/dinner) and back to our campground, Sunrise in time for the sunset. The bike/hike due was a swamp and already full so we negotiated a regular campsite which was closer to the showers and a dollar cheaper.

We’re hopeful the mechanial troubled are behind us but I do have a bulge in my rear tire that is worrying me…

Tomorrow is another day.

The view at our brunch spot, commemorated for another mistreatment of the native Americans…



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