West Coast Ride – Day 23

So long Brookings. Just out of town was the lumber milling operation we heard all night. I hoped that once we were past it all the logging trucks coming up behind us would be empty and the bark slash along the road would decrease. Nope.

The temperature was about 55 degrees and it was overcast. The good news, it seemed like a little tailwind, the bad news, the fog obscured the ocean from view. We passed scenic overlooks for arched rocks and other features along the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor. We couldn’t see a hundred yards. We went over the tallest bridge in Oregon at something like 374 feet, we could only see 74 feet. Blinky lights on but it was still a little risky riding.

It finally cleared up by the Pistol River. A riding shot.


I had another flat, same spot on the rear wheel. I put my biggest patch on the inside of the tire casing, put in a new tube, and I’ll see how that works. Not happy with these Conti tires.

We couldn’t pass by the Prehistoric Gardens because there was a T-Rex out front. I guess that is how you support yourself in remote areas, fake dinosaurs.


Scared me… Bob got a sticker for his bike and we headed on towards our destination, Humbug Mountain State Beach. We took a break at Sisters Rock. The boys went for a hike out on the rock. I took a break and rested my sore ankle. We met two girls and a guy heading south as we were about to leave. The dude was riding a single speed bike, fully loaded for touring… that takes the cake.

Can you spot the boys? Hint… they are wearing yellow.


Humbug is pretty nice. The boys elected to hike to the peak at over 1700 feet, I elected to hike to the beach. A good choice. I don’t think you can spot the boys in this shot.


A warm, free shower (nicer than many hotels), a fire and a dinner of “dogs” to round out the day.  Pretty nice.

Tomorrow Coos Bay?

OotD: Added this ride to my motorcycle bucket list… sorry Carol.


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