West Coast Ride – Day 21

I awoke to the squealing of piglets fighting to get at sleepy mom for breakfast. I slept on the outside deck, I’ll call it, on the shack we stayed in. It was actually a good place to sleep, no bugs bothered me, stars to look at, no snoring roommate.

I made myself breakfast using the stove in the outdoor kitchen to boil water for my oatmeal and hot chocolate. I added fresh blueberries picked from the garden. Our host, Albert, was up doing chores, which meant feeding animals and milking the three cows. Bob got up and began chugging the raw milk jug he started last night. Their helper, Donald, had offered me fresh (still warm) milk from the milking last night, but being a believer in Louis Pasteur, I refrained. Bob got permission from Albert to fry up a dozen eggs from their chickens, using butter made from their milk. That I did try and they were very good.

The outdoor kitchen. Presumably a lot like my kitchen at home is currently looking like…


We said a final farewell to Albert and Blue Blossom Farms. Milk and butter provider in the background.

Our ride today was back along the coast, with a rare tailwind, and through more redwoods. This time Redwood State and National Parks, which are combined. The riding was great, even with a flat for Brian on the busy 101.

At least the view was nice.

We also happened upon the Trinidad Fish Festival. Not much to see and do, but a demonstration of local civic pride. We waited in a line for 45 minutes to get (locally caught) fish and chips. At least there was a very mediocre band playing 60’s and 70’s music. 

We rode to Klamath to spend the night. We were recommended to the Chinook RV camp a mile, or so, north of town. I found the proprietor,  Bob, out at the “fire deck”. He said we could camp in the tent area for $20 each. I pointed out that the RV sites were $30. On the end, Bob offered $20 for all four of us and invited us to join some of the guests for chili on the fire deck. So, I guess we stayed for free, because you know the boys ate $5 worth of chili, and marshmallows. Plus… no charge hot showers! The salmon run is only a week or so away and this RV park gets a little more exciting, we were told.
Big Al’s tent camping

Tomorrow, we head up the hill to Crescent City and, hopefully, into Oregon. Let’s hope for more tailwinds. I like to see the southbound riders grimacing…


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