West Coast Ride – Day 16

Russian Gulch… nobody knows where the name came from, best guess is a deserter from Fort Bragg. There was a trail to a waterfall, it is three miles each way, the first two miles are listed as bike path but it turns out they are gravel. No way Dave is doing that. Alternate plan is to check out a big hole by the beach. At high tide, the waves are supposed to crash and make a gurgling noise. not high tide. Not exciting. But the Highlands trail overlooking the point was very scenic.



After our path fun, we headed to breakfast in Caspar and on to Fort Bragg for more fun. To satisfy Bob’s Jurassic craving (he’s reading the original book, never having seen the movie due to protective parents). The movie started at 1:30 so we had some time to kill. We checked out the North Coast Brewing store, I went to CVS to buy batteries and Advil, then to the bike shop for a tube and tire pressure check and met up with the others at the theater. I don’t think I will spoil the plot by saying there were a lot of Dino’s eating dino’s and also people… This gave us plenty of conversation material we’ll be using over the rest of the trip.

We also stopped at the taproom for a quick one and the farmer’s market for some food.
We did a token bike ride of about twenty more miles to Westport Union Beach. We found a good campsite with an ocean view and also next to the highway, of course. Funny, the old highway seemed to run along the cliff side of the park, but was not navigable…


The sunset was great and the Milky Way was better.  Earplugs and bed.



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