West Coast Ride – Day 14

The morning broke with clearing skies. I took a hike to the beach.

I call this “duck walking on the beach”. My family will understand.

The park is essentially a giant dune area. I made the mistake of taking the “beach trail” back to the campground. It was a horse trail. It was soft sand and littered with “meadow muffins”. I figure I walked about a mile, a good workout pre-ride. I got back as the boys were getting up and going. Unfortunately, starting at 9:00 means the wind will be building. The good news, sun. The bad news, wind about 25 mph in our face. Thankfully, we only planned a 45 mile day to Gualala. There was one tough climb near Fort Ross. With the sun, the views were sooo much better than yesterday.

A view down from (part way up) our big climb.

The daily groady beard selfie.

We had lunch in the parking lot of a gas station/convenience store in Fort Ross.

We stopped at a grocery store at Stewarts Point. I remembered this store from my motorcycle trip a few years ago. My friend Art tipped his bike over in front of me in the parking lot.

My bike is in no danger of tipping

Our destination was Gualala. The continuous 5 miles prior to it was a seaside resort/homes/church called Sea Ranch. The buildings all looked alike and went on for miles. Someone Google and tell me what the deal is with Sea Ranch. It seemed to me like some kind of religious or cult enclave. Maybe I’m getting suspicious of everything Californian.

We made it to our site set up camp and rode to town for pizza and supplies. We were the first ones to set up in the site, by the time we came back there were three others (including a girl, I’ll call her a girl because she’s in her twenties) who is the coast Trail. Makes our journey look tame. Another couple rode in after dark, hardcore. The site is packed, with tents three feet apart.

Tomorrow, maybe Fort Bragg.

OotD: California is invested with ground squirrels, they make our stupid tree rats look like a blessing.


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