West Coast Ride – Day 9

I woke up early under the canopy of the redwoods and took a short hike around the campground. Our young neighbor, Brian hit up and joined mugger while I made oatmeal for breakfast. Add the boys got up, I repeated the process for Brian and Bob. They were glad to have a hot breakfast.

We all packed up and decided to take a hike up to a waterfall. The other Brian joined us and shared details of his story. He grew j up on Montana and had worked seasonally at Yellowstone park fir several years. He also lived, and worked, on Hawaii for eight months. The description of that lifestyle was the bulk of the conversation. to the falls was a short hike.


We extended the hike by also taking the Valley view trail.


Back to camp err said goodbye to Brian II and the camp major, a bike traveler we had heard about from other bikers coming or way. He bikes with his dog in a Burley and claims to have ridden over 30,000 miles. He also claimed to have rode from San Diego to Ragged Point in one day. We visited that was over 400 miles. You take a look at him and draw your own conclusion…


Once riding, the scenery was more spectacular than the day before.



Our destination was Veterans Park in Monterey. On the way I’d a little drive known as 17 Mile Drive I a shaky little seaside town, Carmel, famous for the former mayor, Clint Eastwood. The drive was fabulous, expensive homes, cypress grooves, beaches and a few famous golf courses.

We also stopped at a park to take a hike out to a harbor seal viewing area. We biked Bob’s bike to snag a pair of binoculars from the docent. Good thing, we were able to sort some whales blowing and breaching far out.

The ride to our campsite required a 500 foot climb up the hill, ugh. The good news, showers, the bad news, RV owner with a noisy generator. Thank goodness for earplugs. Added bonus, senior discount, 4 bucks.

We finished up with about 50 miles, two hikes and a great ride..

OotD: There are many ways to fund a bicycle touring lifestyle.


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