West Coast Ride – Day 7

A week in!

Today was scheduled to be a short day, riding to San Simeon and Hearst Castle. That was good because my body needed a break from 70-80 mile days fighting the wind. My right shin was really hurting from a self-induced problem with a misplaced cleat on my shoe. I had the right cleat too far forward of the ball of my foot. This, coupled with 30,000 + pedal strokes strained that muscle/tendon. I fixed it late yesterday but the damage was done. A lesson learned.

I woke early to check out my other problem, the slow leak in my front tire. I marked the tire and rim with a Sharpie, removed the tire, pumped up the tube and submerged out in the kitchen sink. Sure enough, bubbles. Turns out there was a frayed wire from the tire carcass sticking up, a manufacturing flaw. I patched both slow leaking tubes and also put a patch on the inside of the tire. Problem solved!

I had breakfast with our host, Nick while everyone else in the house slept in, including the boys, until after 8:00. Nick headed to work wearing a cap with a propeller on top. I wish I had the courage to take a photo.

Once everyone got going, we packed up and rode out of San Luis Obispo towards Los Osos for breakfast. Decent breakfast burritos. On top Morro Bay and back along the shore ask the way to San Simeon. We made reservations for the last tour at 4:10 at Hearst Castle so we checked in, set up camp at Hearst San Simeon State Park and headed north the 4.5 miles to the Hearst parking.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to ride our bikes up to the estate, it is waaaay up on the hilltop. We got there around 3:30 and took the early bus and tour. The tour itself disappointed me as we were only taken through four rooms and the tour was more about the Hearst collections (tapestries, ceilings, silver, etc.). But…. The building was pretty spectacular even though there was scaffolding all over it as the roof was being replaced. We spent some time wandering the grounds and taking to docents, which was better than the tour. The outdoor and indoor pools were very impressive.

Brian thinking… seriously?

The view from the castle


More of the indoor pool


Back down the hill past the remnants of the zoo. We stayed for the last showing off the Hearst biography film. We found it very entertaining.


That’s it for Day 7. 50-ish miles and a historical tour. A rest day of sorts… Some Advil and to bed.

OotD: If you have enough money, you can have a “documentary” made that creates any legacy you want


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