West Coast Ride – Day 4

Sorry, my phone battery was dead and my post didn’t upload, this is a rewrite from the top… 😦

Day 4, in some ways going fast, some going slow.

We had a pretty leisurely start to the morning. Michelle had fresh cut watermelon and had banana bread in individual packages. Mike made coffee and scrambled eggs. Add to that, toast with sunflower butter and thick/creamy chocolate milk that was billed as so good the cows never knew it was missing?? Hard to imagine.

We socialized, packed up and headed down the steep hill back to the PCH a little after 10:00.

We rode The Strand path along the beach which was packed with moms pushing babies in strollers, two across. The birthrate in Hermosa Beach must be sky high. The path goes for miles through Manhattan and Venice Beaches. Lots of very interesting people in Venice… I was hoping to see body builders at Muscle Beach so we could compare our guns to theirs but no activity, only a kid who had climbed the rope ladder to the top and was apparently stuck like a cat in a tree. There were several fire trucks, lifeguards and rescue guys on ladders trying to coax him down.
Through Santa Monica and back on The 1 to Malibu.

Grit your teeth and ride the highway
We stopped in Malibu for lunch. I chatted with the owner of the Organic grocery store about cycling. He said he’d hook us up with a discount. Bob took him up with a handful of avocados. We ate next door at D’Amores, touted as World Famous and the best pizza in California. We couldn’t validate the claim. I had the lunch special
salad and half-sandwich and checked out the pictures on the wall of celebrities who were friends of the D’Amores. No celebrity sightings for us.

Check out the photo of Winning.

We passed Thousand Oaks where my cousin lives. Unfortunately, Thousand Oaks is off The 101, not the PCH. It would be a 20 mile climb to visit, sorry Jeanne, not doing that.

Our destination was Ventura which took us through Oxnard, the naval base there is home to the Seabee’s. The surprise find was Missile Park, right along the path. There were two Navy specific planes and a couple rows of missiles dating back to a 1947 pulse-jet that was the response to the German V1. Kinda disturbing, two Harpoon missiles were missing. Several missiles I’ve supported with parts and at least one I believe my brother-in-law worked on.

Jane with the F14A Tomcat

One of the rows.

We made it to Ventura to discover there was an Aids ride staying there, 2500 cyclists and a sea of identical tents in the city park. Oh, oh.
We went a mile further to Emma Wood State Park, probably the crappiest park ever. Highway on one side, railroad track on the other, no grass, no showers… crappy. But it was home.

We rode to town for dinner, not surprisingly, a little busy. We got into a BBQ place with live music, ate fast and headed back in the dark to our tents.

Around 79 miles, into a headwind. A foreshadowing of things to come?


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