West Coast Ride- Day 3

It’s late, today we rode about 70 miles to Hermosa Beach to stay with my friend Mike.

The day started out with a gentle mist and overcast skies, which meant we packed up wet tents. Check-out from the campground was 9:00, we beat that by one-half hour and rode one mile to a pancake shop, owned by Hawaiian transplants. Coconut syrup…

On the ride with a tailwind, the biking was relatively easy. Huntington Beach was impressive. Miles of wide beach and tons of volleyball courts.


The ride along the beach path was fabulous, not very crowded and very scenic, though still a little chilly for beach activities.

Lunch at Allen Sandwiches in the Long Beach area


The Queen Mary at Long Beach (okay, so it is a little hidden)


After the beach path ended, we had a detour through Torrance  that was anything but scenic. The maps took us on a seemingly random route until we worked our way back to the beach.

We finished the day at Hermosa Beach with the usual ice cream and topped it it off with a beer at The Mermaid on the beach.

Herosa Beach pier surfer


Our hosts for the night were Mike and Michelle. Mike’s cousin, Anna, from Spain joined us for Italian dinner, followed by night club action near the beach.

Night club action (blurred to protect the innocent)


Another 70 mile day that seemed pretty easy. Let’s hope we continue to get favorable winds. Our destination tomorrow is in the Oxnard/Ventura area.

OotD: California has pedestrian crosswalk buttons that actually do something other than just give you something to do while you wait for the light to change…


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