West Coast Ride – Day 2

Hooray, we’re riding!

As the early riser, my job was to put the Strata in the oven. This is a comfort food dish from a recipe from Ian’s aunt in Bend, Oregon. A good start to the day. Once everyone got up, fed and packed, we hit the road just after 9:00.

Final preparations…


Katherine and Ian had agreed to escort is as far as Torrey Pines Park and the steep downhill. Katherine led us (more like tried to drop us like weak velodrome racers), on a not very touring pace, to the UCSD campus and bid us farewell. Ian elected to ride down the hill, up the hill to Del Mar before turning back, getting in a hill workout. Thanks for the hospitality K and I.

We had a rare, kinda, tailwind so we made good time up the coast, through  Encinitas, with a stop for lunch in Carlsbad (Port Pizza, the best, according to a guy driving by in a pickup truck, and who can you trust more?) and into Camp Pendleton. Nothing exciting going on, some helicopter warships doing some maneuvers, some live rounds over a hill, an Osprey VTOL flying around, not much else to see.

After the base we were back near the coast and beaches up to San Clemente, home of a former president. From there it was a short hop to our destination, Dana Point and Deheny State Park.

Just as we were making a questionable entrance onto the highway to get into Dana Point, I noticed my front tire was going flat. Rats! I only made it 69 miles. At the obligatory ice cream stop, I set about replacing the tube. No leak found.

Ice cream and road repairs


We are staying at a campground on the beach which gave us the chance to walk the beach to dinner and check out the SUP surfers, normal surfers and fishermen.

Beach panorama


Dinner at Turks, named after a Hollywood actor you might recognize but we didn’t ask. The online reviews said good food and lousy service. Despite our efforts to endear ourselves to our server, Lisa reinforced the review.

I’m going to start adding my observation of the day. It may become the rantings of a grumpy old man but here goes…

I’ll add two today to make up for Day 1/2.

OotD 1) Nobody in California seems to have a day job. Bikers, surfers, skate boarders, traffic, full campground on a Wednesday. How can they afford to live here?

OotD 2) Everyone asks you the same three questions when you stop: 1) where are you from?, 2) where are you going? and 3) how long will it take? Today, we also heard another question: “Why are you riding the wrong direction?” It seems they all have either ridden the route themselves, or know someone who has, and the universal message is… ride north to south because of the demoralizing winds. Well, we’re trying to fight conventional wisdom with a combination of dumb luck and positive attitude. Weather

forecast for tomorrow… winds out of the south. So far, so good.

Tomorrow, Hermosa Beach, staying with a former co-worker and friend. Thanks, MM.


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