West Coast Ride – Rest Day

Okay, so this adventure is off to a slow start. We had a “rest” day in San Diego today. A good chance for the boys to unwind from the cross-country sprint and for us to all get acquainted.

We drove to UCSD in La Jolla and then on to Torrey Pines Beach State Park. We walked along the shore watching the surfers and checking out the sandstone cliffs which looked like they could slough down on top of us at any moment.


We chose the Broken Trail from the beach up to the top of the cliffs. nice vistas of the shore in both directions.

Part way up, Bob announced he’d really like to get something to eat. We had a plan to drive further north to Del Mar for lunch so the timing of his hunger pains was perfect. A Yelp search yielded a sandwich shop, Board and Brew. We guessed board was a reference to surfboards but had no idea about the brew as they did not serve beer. Maybe it was the tea. The 360+ Yelp (4.5 rating) reviews were spot on.

Back on the street we checked out the real estate listings for property we couldn’t begin to afford and a guy on the street from Mankato told us we needed to visit the Del Mar beach because it was the best in California.

The Boys checking out the best beach in California


Back to San Diego and on the bikes for a tour of downtown. The pier, the USS Midway, check out the Russian sub and spin by Petco stadium (Padres playing the Mets).

The iconic statue next to The USS Midway recreating the WWII photo of a sailor missing a woman.


Next on the fun list was bicycle races at the velodrome. Takeout from The Snack Shack, really accurate description of the structure but good food. The velodrome is in Balboa park and they allow alcohol. We loaded the panniers with beer and takeout food and rode to the races. Concrete velodrome slightly larger than the one in Minnesota, 1/3 Kilometer. They had several races, my favorite, the Madison. In this race format, several teams of two race as a tagteam with the switch executed by dropping down the banked track, grabbing the outstretched hand of your partner and having him sling you forward, all at 25 to 30mph. Crazy.

The view of the velodrome action with San Diego in the background


It was dark and cooling off quickly by the time we headed back.

A fun day but I’m ready to start riding. Tomorrow we’ll get a bicycle escort to La Jolla from Katherine and Ian. We’ll say farewell to our San Diego hosts and head towards LA. That will be the official Day 1 of the West Coast Adventure.


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