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Dickie Scramble April 25, 2015

The skies grew lighter as the riders assembled in front of JJ Tailgator’s in Elgin.

wpid-20150425_090749.jpg9:20 orientation talk and a 2 mile rollout at 9:30 into the face of a strong headwind. Then the serious riding began.

The race was billed as ~76 miles, the first cue sheets said 80.3…  mostly gravel, mostly upwind and all uphill. Okay maybe not all of it. 

The check-in point at 48  miles was a chance to refresh, sample the strange assortment of food gravel riders think is a staple and pet Dickie, the namesake of the ride.


Adding insult to my cramping legs, one of the hosts told us the leaders had been through an hour and a half ago…ouch.

I logged 5700 feet of climbing, 7 hours of riding. My choice of a full suspension mountain bike only felt right on about 1 1/2 miles of ATV trail. I’ll be re-thinking my options before  The 100 mile Almanzo ride in Maywpid-20150425_170902.jpg